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  • Please join us at the University of Calgary for the Symposium on our composer Malcolm Forsyth, Oct 17-19/19. This is open to the public. His daughter Amanda, a world-renown cellist, will be there and will be performing the concerto her father wrote for her, Electra Rising, with the Calgary Philharmonic. Learn about the Symposium by clicking this link  

    Malcolm is a 3 time Juno award winner for Best Composition, and was also nominated for that award another 3 times.

    Concert Tickets for the Oct 18 or 19 performances at Jack Singer Concert Hall, can be bought through this link Tickets

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  • Rondo in Stride for cello and piano by Malcolm Forsyth, Dur. 6′ just released.
    Program Notes by the Composer: The legendary jazz pianist Fats Waller developed a unique style, which became known as “Stride Piano”, in which the left hand made striding leaps of a tenth, as it moved through the harmonic sequence. This, and other cute clichés of classic jazz, such as the string pizzicato with double stops and slides, are parodied in this tongue-in-cheek morsel.
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Left to right, top to bottom: Jeff McCune, Glenn Buhr, Sid Robinovitch, Malcolm Forsyth, Bramwell Tovey, Gary Kulesha, Victor Davies, Kelly-Marie Murphy, Eric Robertson, Johnny Cowell