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About Counterpoint Music Library Services Inc.

Our company is a small music publisher and orchestral sheet music rental service with a focus on classical music. We represent for the territory of Canada, a number of international publishers, as listed on our Rental Library Page, promoting and making their music available through our rental service to Canadian performance organizations from amateur to professional. We also publish works by excellent Canadian composers, promoting and making their music available to performers worldwide.

We provide excellent customer service, are happy to make repertoire suggestions and provide perusal scores and recordings (if available) free of charge (however we ask that you cover the shipping).

We are located at:
42 Frater Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4C 2H6
phone 416 696-5377

Owner/President: Ms. Jean-Marie Barker
Assistant Librarian: Mr. Allen Clark

Music Warehouse, shipping and receiving:
Counterpoint Music Library Services
Allen Clark
556112 Mulmur-Melancthon TLine, Melancthon, ON L9V 1W5
phone 519 925-3360