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The Rings-Eric Robertson, Flute & Harp




The Rings, for flute and harp by Eric N. Robertson

Commissioned by Suzanne Shulman and Erica Goodman, for the occasion of Suzanne and her husband Peter’s 50th wedding anniversary.

A suite of 9 sections reflecting on love and marriage. Written based on poems created for this project by Gary Michael Dault.

Featured on the CD by Suzanne Shulman and Erica Goodman, Being Golden

Set of harp and flute – on sale until October 31, 2022.


#1 Flame (A Sultry Strathspey) 2′:54″
#2 Being Golden (Romanza) 4′:12″
#3 Coming Around 3′:03″
#4 Incantation 2′:28″
#5 Walking on Water 3′:10″
#6 Seasons (Ae Fond Kiss) 2′:41″
#7 Ringside 2′:32″
#8 A Geometry of Love (Bells) 4′:00

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