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Baritone-Bass edition of Canadian Opera Anthology

After the success of the two volume Soprano edition of our Canadian Opera Anthology, we are now pleased to release the next instalment, volume 1 and 2 for baritone and bass.  These new additions to the series follow the style of the soprano edition, set up by Stephanie Nakagawa, P.h.D., on whose doctoral thesis this series is based. This Baritone/Bass edition features 28 arias from Canadian operas, arranged chronologically, from 1946 to 2021. Fully 19 of the 28 arias are from 21st century operas, with a wide range of subjects. From Harry Somers – Louis Riel, Healey Willan’s Deirdre and  Jean Couthard’s The Return of the Native, to operas by James Rolfe, Rodney Sharman, Leslie Uyeda, Alice Ping Ye Ho, Victor Davies, Peter-Anthony Togni and Chan Ka Nin. We have included more arias from Quebec composers such as Jacques Hetu, Julien Bilodeau. We have included arias from two operas dealing the the subject of Gay relationships (Les feluettes by Kevin March and librettist Michel-Marc Bouchard and When the suns comes out by Leslie Uyeda and librettist Rachel Rose). Explore these operas and buy these scores through these links, where you can see the contents and see score excerpts:

Baritone-Bass vol 1
Baritone-Bass vol 2