Music for rent and sale,
or commission your own work!

Rental Library

We rent instrumental scores and parts for an initial period of up to 6 weeks for the following list of publishers and composers:

For Canada only:
>Casa Musicale Sonzogno
>Stainer & Bell Ltd.
>Josef Weinberger Ltd.
>Friedrich Hofmeister

RAI Trade – Italy

For the World:
Howard Baer’s
God Bless Us Everyone (narrator & orchestra)
>G. Ricordi & Co. (Canada)
>Glenn Buhr
>Victor Davies (Golden Toad Music)
>Malcolm Forsyth
>Gary Kulesha
>Jeffrey McCune
>e.c. kerby ltd.
>Sid Robinovitch (orchestral works only)
>Gordon V. Thompson
(a division of Warner-Chappell)
>Johnny Cowell
(including: Canadian Oydessy, Rollercoaster, Carnival of Venice, Playful Trumpets, Trumpet Concerto)

Rental Policy

We rent instrumental scores and parts for an initial period of up to 6 weeks. Fees are based on the published duration of the work, months of rental required, number of performances, number of parts rented (discounts for less than 10 and less than 30 parts) and whether your group is a professional, community, church or student group. Quotes provided upon request. A grace period of 10 days after your performance is allowed for the return of our materials. After this time, overdue charges may apply per day at our discretion.

Perusal scores and recordings (if available) are provided for one month at no charge (however due to rising transportation costs we have had to institute a new policy where we ask that you pay only for the postage or courier costs) and we are happy to give repertoire suggestions. We do have some scores in perusal pdf format which can only be viewed on screen.