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Ellen at Scattergood, string quartet – James K. Wright

We are pleased to  include this recent string quartet by Ottawa composer James K. Wright, Ellen At Scattergood, to our catalogue:
Notes from the composer:
Lac Scattergood lies in the Outaouais region of southwestern Québec, situated close to Lac McGregor and the nearby town of Val-des-Monts, less than a one-hour drive across the Ottawa River from the city of Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. Written for Ellen Cray who with her husband, own a cottage at Lac Scattergood, it is ultimately programmatic in inspiration, it is otherwise largely “absolute music” in the traditional sense. The majority of its basic thematic ideas and their development are therefore purely musical in nature, without extra-musical associations. However the emotional character, texture, tempi, and rhythmic animation of each movement are inspired by Lac Scattergood and my understanding of the many moods and textures of David and Ellen’s life at their cottage.
Listen movement 1
Listen movement 3

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