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Golden Harvest-Larysa Kuzmenko, Full score



Golden Harvest, an oratorio for mixed chorus, solo soprano and solo baritone and orchestra  Dur 30 min.

Golden Harvest is an oratorio for mixed chorus, solo soprano and baritone, and orchestra, or piano reduction. Written for the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada. Canadian-Ukrainian composer Larysa Kuzmenko wrote this work to the libretto of another Canadian-Ukrainian, Talia (Natalia) Zajac. This was premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and a mixed choir of local groups, on March 17, 2016. It went on to be performed by a number of other groups, Saskatoon Symphony, McGill Chamber Orchestra and Regina Symphony. With current events bringing all things Ukrainian to general notice, this work deserves to be performed again.

Full Score, which includes English, with French & Ukrainian sections.

View perusal score

Listen – movement 2

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