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Etudes 1 & 2-McCune, solo organ score


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Etudes 1 & 2 by Jeffrey McCune for solo organ

Etude 1 – 2:15;  Etude 2 – 5:50

solo organ score    See perusal score excerpt

Edmonton composer Jeffrey McCune, is a composer, pianist, organist, teacher, as well as a visual artist (painter). His Etudes 1 & 2 for solo organ were created for himself to play at his Master’s recital. They are a set of two short contrasting works, the first Etude explores the Grand Organ in all its rafter-shaking glory. The second Etude is slower in style and explores layers of harmony that constantly change and subtly evolve over the course of the piece, ending in a soft, meditative coda.

The cacti on the cover are called Organ Pipe Cacti.

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