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4 Motion Studies for 5 trombones-Gary Kulesha score & parts



4 Motion Studies for 5 Trombones by Gary Kulesha

  1.  Motivation  2:50; 2. March 2:20; 3. Meditation 3:00; 4. Momentun 2:00

My goal in writing this work was to create a genuine piece of concert music for 5 trombones, something that could be performed by ensembles ranging from the best professionals to students.
I worked with the assumption that player 1 would have a good high register, and that players 2 and 3 would also be somewhat able to play high once in a while.
The four movements of this work are intended to cover a spectrum of difficulty. From most approachable to most challenging, they are: Meditation; March; Momentum; Motivation. Most student groups will be able to perform Meditation, and probably March. Momentum, at the indicated tempo, is more challenging, while Motivation, which is both more athletic and more rhythmically complex, is intended for more advanced student groups.
The intention is that a group can present as many of the movements as they can manage. The title should be adjusted accordingly. If two movements are performed, the work should be titled 2 Motion Studies. If three are performed, 3 Motion Studies, and obviously all four would be 4 Motion Studies. If one movement is performed, it should be listed with its title only, with a subtitle of “from 4 Motion Studies”– for example, “Meditation” from “4 Motion Studies”.
The score order is the preferred order for all four movements. If Motivation is omitted, the preferred order remains March -Meditation-Momentum. If the middle two movements are presented, their order should be reversed, Meditation-March.

Set of Full score and 5 trombone parts

Perusal score

Now available for immediate shipment, May, 2024.

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