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Performance of Kulesha – Sonata Trombone and Piano-Wins

Performance of Kulesha – Sonata for Trombone
Wins at OSM Concours 2020

The 81st edition of the prestigious annual Montreal Symphony’s OSM Concours focused on Woodwinds and Brass in 2020. This time for the first time, held entirely, virtually. Each round of the competition is judged by a separate panel of judges. The Final Round was judged by prestigious perfomers from orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic, Rotterdam Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony. The winner of the Brass division was Toronto-based Robert Conquer (pictured), a third-year student at the Curtis Institute. Robert also won the prize for the best performance of a Canadian work, by performing Gary Kulesha’s Sonata for Trombone, a work commissioned and premiered by Toronto Symphony Orchestra principal trombone, Gordon Wolfe. You can hear this wonderful performance at this link, starting at timing 14:50–Robert Conquer-Kulesha Sonata for Trombone