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Discovery Series-2019

Our recommendations for you to discover.
Click on the underlined title to go to the audio link. Make sure your sound is turned on or up. Perusal scores are available upon request.

Larysa Kuzmenko – Christmas Bells for S.A. children’s chorus and piano, Dur: 3:00. Text Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of the same name, tells the story of how hearing the Christmas Bells brings the feeling of “peace on earth, good will to men”.

Malcolm Forsyth – Novum Spatium (A New Space). For 3 brass quartets (4 tpts, 4 hns, 4 tmbs), created for the opening of Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, Alberta. *New publication December, 2019. 

Marc Fortier – Tales from Amerinda – A tone poem for chamber orchestra,  featuring the Timpani Family of 5 and chamber orchestra. Dur: 5:00. Timpani + fl 1(+ opt Kena).fl 2(=picc).ob.clar.bsn./2 hns.tpt.tmb.0./2 perc./sts  This work is a revised and shortened version of Un doigt de la lune, Ouverture, a 15-minute original composition that won the 1st Prize in Milan in 1968.

Edmund T. Atherton – Three Speed Invention for trombone and piano. Dur: 4:30. Think of a three-speed bicycle and a trombone player all wrapped up in one package and you have the inspiration for this piece. *New publication December, 2019

Andrew James Clark – The Valley of Dry Bones for soprano and piano. Dur: 7:00. This is a personal reflection on the mass suicide after the siege of Masada (73-74 CE). The text is from the book of Ezekiel from the Bible where the prophet sees a vision of dry bones in a valley, one of the two texts discovered after Excavation of the site . Quite a striking and interesting piece. This is part of our Young Composers’ Series.

Dan Locklair – Rubrics for solo organ. This work is now 30 years old and remains Dan’s most often performed work, from Presidents’ funerals to the Cathedrals of New York and the U.K. among the many venues this has been heard. Movement 1 Hallelujah Movement 2 Silence Movement 3 Thanksgiving Movement 4 Peace  Movement 5 The people

Gary Kulesha – Three Caprices for solo violin. Dur: 7:00 One of the composer’s most performed works. Each of the caprices is a different character. The first is ceremonial, the second jagged and angular and the third combines these two ideas.

Gary Kulesha – From the Diary of Virginia Woolf for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (2017). Dur: 21:00. Text: Virginia Woolf taken from Volume 5 of her Diaries.  2 fl.2 ob.2 clar.2 bsn./4 hns.2 tpts. 3 tmb. 1 tbs./ timp 2 perc strings  Video explanation by the composer of this project.  Virginia Woolf-Excerpt 1      Virginia Woolf-Excerpt 2