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Discovery Series – 2017

2017 Discovery Series, our recommendations for you to discover or re-discover.
Click on the underlined title to go to the audio link. Make sure your sound it turned on or up.

2017 Sample Featured Works:
Pierre Mercure – Triptyque for orchestra
Donald Steven – Pages of Solitary Delights, mezzo-soprano, contralto or baritone and orchestra, or piano accompaniment
Written for Maureen Forrester. JUNO Award Winner
Donald Steven – In the Land of Pure Delights, ensemble
Written for the noted group the Pierrot Ensemble. Winner of the Jules Leger Prize.
Mov’t 1 – Capriccio – Sine Nomine; Mov’t 2 – Isorhythmic Motet: Ondes de la Sadete; Mov’t 3 – Concert Song: Black Locust; Mov’t 4 – Affetti: Lotus; Mov’t 5 – Fantasia: Clouds Are Gonna Roll Away; Mov’t 6 – Serenade: No Heart to Cry; Mov’t 7 – Perpetual Motion of the Second Kind: Chronographie; Mov’t 8 – Tableau: First Star I See Tonight
Richard Cohen – In Celebration, orchestra
Richard Cohen – Canzonetta, string orchestra
Bramwell Tovey – Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret, solo trombone and orchestra, or brass band, or concert band
Written for Principal Trombone of the New York Philharmonic, Joseph Alessi.
Johnny Cowell – Sangre de Toro Bravo/Blood of the Brave Bull, solo trumpet and orchestra
Johnny Cowell – Trumpet Concerto, solo trumpet and orchestra
Mov’t 1; Mov’t 2; Mov’t 3
Gary Kulesha – Fireworks and Processional, orchestra
Howard Baer/ Don Ryan (text) – God Bless Us Everyone, narrator and orchestra, opt. chorus
A compact version of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.