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Discovery Series-2015

The Counterpoint Discovery Series is an introduction to a sample of the many works in our catalogue, works which we are pleased to introduce to you or remind you of, if you already know of them. We want you to consider performing and introducing them to your audience. Perusal scores are available on request.

2015 Sample Featured works:

Glenn Buhr – Akaska  (Sky) 4′

1.picc.0.2.0./ (Substitute part for additional 1 or 2 Horns if no Trombone available)

Keith – Bissell – Three Pieces for string orchestra 8′

#1 Andante  #2 Adagio  #3 Vivace

Dan Locklair – On Cats 7′ for S.A.T.B. chorus and piano

1. The Lion:

2. Cat:

3. Mysterious Cat:

4. September Cat:

5. How to tell a tiger: