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Charles A. (Bud) Hill - Composer Information

Charles (Bud) Hill (1929- )

I have always considered myself fortunate to have been born Canadian. I grew up in Toronto one block north of Lawrence and Yonge. The important influences in my life have been the number of excellent teachers who taught me. The first important influence was being obliged to take piano lessons growing up. At High School my two great music teachers were Harvey Perrin and Martin Chenhall, continuing into my training at the Royal Conservatory of music in Toronto with another two great teachers, Samuel Dolin and Eric Rollinson. At the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, again I had two excellent teachers, John Weinzweig and John Beckwith.

Over the next 35 years the things I had learned were passed on to my music students in schools of Ontario, from North Bay Collegiate to North Toronto Collegiate. If I were to pick two fine colleagues, they would be George McRae (Malvern Collegiate Institute) and Dave Ford (North Toronto Collegiate Institute).

I was also lucky enough to have made contract with Gordon V. Thompson Limited (Music Publishers), who published some of my works, arrangements and original compositions. One publication was “Theme from Ontario Place”, which I arranged for Band from the original by Delores Claman. If bands wanted to play at Ontario Place, they had to play that song, so the sales of that publication did quite well.

I am an honorary member of the Toronto Secondary School Music Teachers Association. On April 14, 2005 massed choirs and orchestras (totalling about 800 students) performed a medley of songs put together by me many years ago. I would considered myself a Jingoistic (patriotic) Canadian.

My “Ode to Canada” was written in celebration of Canada’s 100 Birthday in 1967 and was performed and recorded at Massey Hall in January of that year at the Sixteenth Annual Festival of Music Concerts, put on by the Toronto Secondary Schools Music Teachers’ Association.

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