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New Music Project 2014 Conductors’ Guild Conference

I attended the 2014 Conductors’ Guild Conference in Washington, DC – , as an exhibitor. A regular part of this conference is the New Music Project Sessions where publishers and conductors get 9′ each to feature a work or works that they love and want to share with their colleagues. These works must be no more than 15 years old and can be of any instrumentation from orchestra to band to choral or vocal. The coordination of this New Music Project has been enthusiastically, and very well run by conductor David Bowden, Music Director of the Carmel Symphony of Carmel, IN as well as Music Director of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, for the last 17 years. This is his last doing this Project.

In my segment I presented three works: Jacob Plachta’s Celebration, for brass band ; Christopher Nickel’s Christmas Dreams, for orchestra; and Malcolm Forsyth’s Hesperides, for mixed chorus and 2 harps. They were all well received and I had inquiries about all these pieces from interested conductors. You can hear these works and see perusal scores at:   These pieces are well worth hearing and performing.